Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Now what is that silly Daddy of mine doing? How am I supposed to inspect the garbage for goodies if he's putting a lock on it? Grown-ups do the strangest things.

I've been doing a really good job at being Daddy's Little Helper this summer. Here I am showing him how to put in a screen door. Righty tighty, lefty loosey...

It's my birthday!!!!!! Where's my presents!?!?!


...and after

Here's my balloons after my cousins Ryann and Anna got ahold of them. I loved it, because I could hold them all in my hand at the same time.

This is how old I am now. About one second after this picture was taken I bit off the top of the one. Mmm Mmm good!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

These were some pics from my very first birthday party! Mommy says I have to wait a whole year before I can have another one, but I have a plan. Has anyone ever been to a One Year and One Month birthday party? Get ready!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

In the past week I have seen so many of my favorite people that I thought I would put them all on my site. This is a picture of me playing with my cousin Crista. She takes such good care of me, and can always make me smile, even when I am so, so crabby. (Well, Mommy calls it crabby. I just call it "a touch on the sleepy side".)

Here's me with my second cousin Amanda. Don't we make such a pretty pair? I think I even have her eyes!

My Grandma loves to take me places and show me lots of new things. I learn so much from her! My first word, "Whassat?", probably had something to do with all the cool stuff she's always pointing out to me.

Here's Daddy showing me some animals at the farm. I even got to pet a new baby kitty! I tried to put his head in my mouth, but it wouldn't hold still long enough. Silly Kitty!

And, of course, my Mommy and me. Look how good I'm getting at standing up!

Look, Aunt Krista, look! Remember the duckie I found in Seattle that looked just like this one but Mommy wouldn't let me have? Well, I found it's brother right here at Walgreens for only $5.00! Mommy said I could have it if we compromised. I am no longer allowed to pour Ike's, Dexter's, or Aslan's water all over myself anymore. (But that's just what us duckies do, so we'll see what happens.)Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mommy and Daddy took me swimming one day when it was really hot out. I had so much fun!!! I couldn't get them to come in with me, so instead I just splashed them until they were wet anyway. I love summer! Posted by Picasa

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These next few pictures were taken on my trip to Seattle with my Mommy and my Nana to meet my new cousin Roxy. We had so much fun together! We took our moms shopping, and to the zoo, and shopping, and out for dinner, and then shopping. This picture was taken when Nana let me try my first piece of red licorice! I didn't know what to do with it, so I just sucked on it for awhile until the red juice started dripping down my chin. Then Mommy took it from me and ate it herself. I didn't think that was very nice of her. Posted by Picasa

I tried to trade Mommy my crayons for her nice big pretty drink, but she wouldn't let me. She must have some crayons of her own already. Posted by Picasa

I met Red Robin at dinner one night. I was checking to see if he had any teeth like me, but I couldn't find any. Maybe you don't need teeth to eat worms... Posted by Picasa

This is me at Nordstrom's with the horsie I tried to steal. Nana busted me, but I still got Mommy to buy it for me just by looking extra, extra cute. I later heard her questioning her parenting skills while talking to Aunt Krista, but I think she's doing great!! Posted by Picasa