Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is what Eliza and I look like when my Daddy dresses us for the day. My Mommy always gets a big kick of coming home and seeing what we have on. She would like you to take special notice of the four different prints between the two of us, and the necessary splash of camouflage in the form of my hair bow. I personally think he is a fashion genius who is just well before his time, and am waiting for the head honchos at Project Runway to discover him. See the next photos below to get a glimpse of his very own built-in supermodel.
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Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. Vogue.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

We've got a winner! I'm not sure if it's because this cake looked just so delicious, or if Eliza's sweet tooth finally came in, but she actually took some bites, smeared some frosting on her face, and gave us a couple smiles before meltdown #3 went into effect. Nice work, Liza! Now you do realize that you don't get another birthday cake for almost a whole year, right? Mommy says that three birthday parties for one birthday is definitely not the norm around here. Of course, I'm up for throwing that back on the table for renegotiations next year around, say, June-ish? If you ask me, four years old is a pretty important age, and should be celebrated accordingly.

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So my Mommy finally got us the obligatory Little Tikes car for us to drive around in. I think she finally realized that if she wants to avoid having us follow in her driving footsteps (can you say 12 (minor) accidents before the age of 20?) she may want to start teaching us while we're young. Now we just have to work on Eliza and the whole drinking and driving thing. Not cool, Eliza. Ever heard of the Zero Tolerance law?

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Tomorrow night marks Eliza's third, and last, birthday party to celebrate her turning one year old. (Yes, a bit excessive in my opinion as well. If there weren't presents that needed to be opened by yours truly I might have had to put my foot down.) So far she has been oh-for-two as far as partaking in the stereotypical shoveling cake in her mouth with a look of joyous rapture that her Mommy can catch on film for posterity's sake. My Mommy's hoping that the third time is the charm. We'll keep you posted......

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Indy or Bust!!! Aunt Emily, when can we come back? I had so much fun visiting you, and PK, and Birdie, and my sorta-kinda-sometimes-scary-but-lots-of-fun Uncle Michael this weekend. The State Fair was sweet, the pool was awesome, the ice cream cones were delicious, and staying up yelling about "Baby Alligators!" with PK until eleven at night and then continuing again at six in the morning was the best time ever. (What? You guys didn't like that part? You all must be OLD.) I'm still catching up on lost sleep, as is Eliza. Who knew a one year old could stay up until midnight, and then still be more wide awake then her parents on the way home the next day? Anyway, I'm already planning our next trip down. Tell PK to make some room in that twin bed of hers again!

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I realize that there are alot of good Daddy's in this world, but I must say that I'm pretty sure one of the best belongs to me. Last week my Daddy took me for my very first camping trip, just him and me! He went the whole nine yards, with hobo pies and S'mores, sleeping bags and flashlights, and worm-digging and fishing. We had so much fun, and I made him promise to take me again before the summer is over. We may have to take Mommy this time though, I have a feeling that leaving her home alone at night is never a good idea. (Was that a pop bottle I knocked over when we came in the door?)

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It's my party, and I'll sleep if I want to.
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Disclaimer from Dana: The following entry was written by my Mommy. While I am grateful for Eliza, I don't get into all that sappy stuff. Now where'd that birthday cake go.

My dearest Eliza,
Happy First Birthday, AngelFace! Have 365 days really gone by already? It is so hard to believe that one year ago today I was in that hospital room, gazing into those beautiful blue eyes, wondering at the miracle that God had allowed us to bring into His world. What joy you have filled our lives with since that very first moment.
I stand here amazed at all the lessons you have taught to me in this first year of your life, both about raising two daughters, and about understanding myself. While I always tell Dana that it was she who first showed me how to be a mother, it has been you that has shown me how to be an even better mother, by teaching me to embrace the qualities that make me unique as a child of God. Raising such a different soul from your sister has taught me the differences that exist between children, the wonderful eccentricities that make you both so original, and all the complimenting parts that can come together to perfect the design that God has chosen to shape you in. Every day I marvel at the creation that is you. I laugh at the mischief that has taken up permanent residence behind your eyes, I treasure the curiousity that fuels every impulsive, yet deliberate move that is part of your quest to discover this world, I ponder the places those first steps are going to ultimately take you in this lifetime, and I am overcome with thankfulness to God every night when you lay your head onto my shoulder, seemingly unable to nestle in quite close enough.
Our pledge to you is to continue to love you with no bounds, to allow you to become the person God has intended for you to be, and to pray everyday for the wisdom and the guidance to do so.
Sweet Liza, when God chose us to show you the world, He also gave us one of the best parts of it. (Thank you, Jesus, for entrusting us with this precious child.)
Happy Birthday Baby, we pray wholeheartedly for many more.
XOXOXOXO, Mommy and Daddy
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