Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Disclaimer from Dana: The following entry was written by my Mommy. While I am grateful for Eliza, I don't get into all that sappy stuff. Now where'd that birthday cake go.

My dearest Eliza,
Happy First Birthday, AngelFace! Have 365 days really gone by already? It is so hard to believe that one year ago today I was in that hospital room, gazing into those beautiful blue eyes, wondering at the miracle that God had allowed us to bring into His world. What joy you have filled our lives with since that very first moment.
I stand here amazed at all the lessons you have taught to me in this first year of your life, both about raising two daughters, and about understanding myself. While I always tell Dana that it was she who first showed me how to be a mother, it has been you that has shown me how to be an even better mother, by teaching me to embrace the qualities that make me unique as a child of God. Raising such a different soul from your sister has taught me the differences that exist between children, the wonderful eccentricities that make you both so original, and all the complimenting parts that can come together to perfect the design that God has chosen to shape you in. Every day I marvel at the creation that is you. I laugh at the mischief that has taken up permanent residence behind your eyes, I treasure the curiousity that fuels every impulsive, yet deliberate move that is part of your quest to discover this world, I ponder the places those first steps are going to ultimately take you in this lifetime, and I am overcome with thankfulness to God every night when you lay your head onto my shoulder, seemingly unable to nestle in quite close enough.
Our pledge to you is to continue to love you with no bounds, to allow you to become the person God has intended for you to be, and to pray everyday for the wisdom and the guidance to do so.
Sweet Liza, when God chose us to show you the world, He also gave us one of the best parts of it. (Thank you, Jesus, for entrusting us with this precious child.)
Happy Birthday Baby, we pray wholeheartedly for many more.
XOXOXOXO, Mommy and Daddy
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DesignerHER Momma said...

and we love you so much! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Jessica said...

What a great post, mommy! It was a joy to read.