Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A brief synopsis of my Halloween night:

1. Continually rub off my nose and whiskers until Mommy
gives up trying to paint them on me.
2. Patiently wait by the door while Mommy and Nana take
500 pictures of me and my cousins. (Don't they know that
there's FREE CANDY out there?)
3. Try to beat everybody else to said candy, even though I
have no idea where I'm going or what to say when I get
there. Although I believe it goes something like, "Dana.
Candy. More."
4. Attempt to eat candy with wrappers still on, realize
they might taste better without them, and bring them to
Mommy one by one so she can get a good look at them
and figure out how to open each one when I let her know
that it's time.
5. Check out my pillage and organize according
to color, flavor, and things I can throw at
6. Wonder why it is that Daddy's mouth
has been full for a really long time, Mommy
keeps trying to distract me, and my pile of
loot seems to be gradually diminishing.....
7. Come down from my sugar high enough to fall
asleep and dream of next year, when I'll be able
to run alot faster and therefore get alot more
candy. Also try to think of a way to keep
Mommy and Daddy's dirty paws off my
property..... Posted by Picasa

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Emily said...

you and all your cousins are all so cute! Can't wait to see all you guys this weekend.