Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It was Tulip Time once again! You know, that time of year where Mommy and Daddy think it's great fun to dress me up in some crazy costume and take me to the park where they don't even let me pick the pretty flowers. And can anyone tell me what a "Fatball" is? Mommy says this is what she feels like most of the time now, but to me it looked like some sort of yummy treat. And I love yummy treats.

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gledwood said...

Hi I'm not sure precisely where "MI" is, but it's somewhere in America, is it not?? As for Holland - your charmed photos look like they were taken in the actual Netherlands what with those Dutch bonnets and tulip beds!! I was just passing, thought I would say hi. I dropped by at random, and there you were. I'm at
http://gledwood2.blogspot.com -
you're most welcome to come on by if you like.
All the best to you
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