Monday, February 11, 2008

Here are some more pictures of me and my Dixie. We have so much fun together!!! My Mommy's not sure if it's a good thing that we have each other to play with or not. On the one hand we play all day, Dixie makes me laugh alot, and we tire each other out, which my Mommy loves. But on the other hand she thinks it's a hassle because we tend to fight quite often. (Like any sisters do!) Usually this happens when I take Dixie's toys and put them out of her reach, and then she tries to climb up me to get them.
Regardless, me and Dixie are bonded pretty tight already, and I know we've got alot of good years ahead of us. I've already got her trained to steal Eliza's toys, thereby distracting Mommy long enough for me to sneak us both some extra goldfish crackers, our favorite!

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Krista said...

They look like the best of friends!
Love, Krista

Anonymous said...

HI Dana!

You are growning up so fast, I don't even recognize you! You tell your mommy to send me an email so we can set up a time to visit! See you soon!

Love, Kate