Thursday, March 06, 2008

It was a big, huge, momentous day over here at my house yesterday. My Mommy decided it was high-time I learned to go to sleep without my pipe, and so she and I stuck them in a pretty bag and put them high up on my dresser where I couldn't reach them. I was not too excited about letting them stay there until she told me that if I did it, she would take me to the store and let me pick out any toy I wanted. Well, I did it!!! And I decided that the only "toy" worth my effort was a brand new friend, and so we came home with the newest addition to the Alberda menagerie, "Cruella" Alberda the Betta fish. She's really pretty, and I love it that she has to follow me around wherever I tell her to go (or wherever I tell Mommy to put her!). I really wanted her to come in the bathtub with me, but Mommy said that probably wasn't the best idea, so she and I bonded from afar. My tub isn't nearly as pretty as her bowl though, and my next goal is to get Mommy to fill it with pretty rocks and a plastic tree all my own. :)
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Anonymous said...

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Terri H said...

I love it! How long have you had the beta?

Glad I found you in the UBP. You have a really cool mom.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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Krista said...

Way to go Dana! Cool new fish too!
--Aunt Krista