Saturday, April 12, 2008

My family and I just got back from a great time up north. We stayed at a log cabin that was right on a river, where I spent my days throwing rocks into it and looking for fish. We took a trip to the beach, where I threw more rocks in the water and looked for more fish, and then also to a fish hatchery, where (you guessed it) I threw more rocks in the water and looked for more fish. There was a nice man there who even let me feed the baby salmon! All in all, I feel the trip was a success. I saw lots and lots of fish, and thanks to me the water levels of both the Platte River and Lake Michigan have been significantly raised due to my diligent and right-on-target rock-throwing.

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Jayme said...

that second picture is a great father daughter shot...i love it!

**Jessica** said...

Hey Susan,

Great to hear from you the other day! I just read your last update for your dad on caringbridge and --yet again--had tears in my eyes. You have a way with words, girl!
God has been so good to you (and your family) this winter. What a testimony of his power and outright answer to prayer!

Great pics of Eliza and Dana Jae. It is really fun to read and see them on your blog. And Jason with a Baby bjorn just cracks me up!

Hope all is well with you and --again--great to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

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