Friday, October 17, 2008

How long is too long??? This is the question of the day over at the Alberda household. That mean Mommy of mine has been hinting around at cutting my hair off, saying that she's sick of trying to keep the spaghetti, milk, dog slobber, and (most recently) pinecone sap out of it, but I keep telling her that I love my "long princess hair". What's a girl to do? Keep the tresses and deal with a cranky, comb-and-peanut-butter wielding Mommy, or cut them off and perhaps miss out on my prince because he doesn't recognize a princess when he sees one? What would you do? (Keep in mind that I do have my very own personal hair brusher in the form of my little sister, so this is one less chore my Mommy has to perform.)

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