Monday, October 06, 2008

I love my slightly OCD, collection-collecting Nana! As soon as she saw that McDonald's was putting out a Wizard of Oz collection, she geared up, emptied her change purse, and didn't stop pestering those cashiers at the local Mickey-D's until she had bought me, Eliza, and all of my six other girl cousins the entire set. She is so silly, and generous, and quirky, you just gotta love her!!! (Not to mention she also has an insatiable appetite for cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings, that she absolutely cannot eat without one, two, or twelve of her grandkids accompanying her.) Thank you, Nana, you carry around such a big part of my heart. :)
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Designher Momma said...

I think we might have gotten crazy nana started on this one! We are OZ/Wicked freaks here!

Piper and Michael are actually halfway through the original Wizard of OZ book...

we can't wait to get the dolls!!! actually...Piper doesn't really know about them yet so it will be a surprise.